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  About The Awesome Trivia Dude

We’d like to dispel three common myths about the Awesome Trivia Dude.

Myth # 1:  The Awesome Trivia Dude is a mind readers.

Many of our customers believe this.  They notice how he seem to anticipate their needs before they have to say anything.  They marvel at the way he seem to understand what it takes to get people involved in the game show.  They wonder how he seem to know exactly what to do to show your guests the time of their life.

His secret isn’t really mind-reading.  It only seems that way.  He calls it professionalism.


Myth #2:  The Awesome Trivia Dude has the biggest trivia selection in the world.

This is not true.  He believes the Library of Congress may have more.  Rumor has it that Parker Bros has a bigger selection.  Besides, size doesn’t matter as much as quality.  With The Awesome Trivia Dude, you will enjoy a huge selection of the most fun trivia questions in America played on incredible, ultra-modern game show systems.  All of this great trivia is hosted according to your specific tastes. Of course you can even supply your own trivia to be added into his shows.


Myth #3:  You can’t afford The Awesome Trivia Dude.

This is simply not true.  Many people who have attended events where he’s performed falsely believe quality this good is beyond their reach.  Yes, he provide top quality in his profession.  He offers you a nice blend of packages designed to fit many budgets.  He offers a package just right for most budgets.

Learn more now.  Call 813-679-8534.  Tell us more about your event.  Ask him questions.  Find out if he's a good fit for you.